Naveen Patnaik

The Last Gambit

MJ Akbar

Nitish Kumar may speak with folded hands but thinks with hands crossed

Temple Run

Studying Vedic mathematics and astrology

A Temple Lost and Found

The discovery last month of a set of ancient ruins in Bhubaneswar and the damage done to it raise questions about how development work is undertaken around heritage sites

An Ashram with a View

According to the whispers Modi would at some point like to renounce all power and move to an ashram in the Himalayas

The Ganjam Way

Learning from Odisha’s Covid strategy

The Friendship

When Naveen Patnaik called Modi at midnight and sought his help

Modi’s Seshan

Call of the Slogan | Selfie at the Ghat | Kinetic Patnaik | The Sulks | Didi’s Hindutva | Migrant Vote | Faux Film

Daring the Juggernaut

Can Modi storm Naveen Patnaik’s citadel? Amita Shah reports on the epic battle of Odisha

Band of Beleaguered Brothers

The struggle for a united opposition to the resurgent BJP falls apart in the absence of a leader or a slogan

The Enduring Mystique of Naveen Patnaik

As the Odisha Chief Minister is all set for a fourth term, Ullekh NP, travelling across the state, finds out why one of India’s suavest politicians is the smartest as well


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