mobile phones

The Morality of the Mobile Phone

Pallavi Aiyar

It’s better to appreciate technology for what it is than what it’s not

Touch and Go

Apple, BlackBerry and the story of how businesses die

Ravi Agrawal: Karmic Connection

Online India needs to be a country in conversation with itself. Ravi Agrawal tells Aresh Shirali why

Memojis: Sign Language 2.0

Emojis, animojis and now memojis are changing the way we communicate online

How Much Does Size Matter?

A look at Vodafone-Idea's market leadership

Go Pokémon Go

A new obsession is raging across the world. Our correspondent too has fallen

Chhatisgarhi Mobile Radio

A unique project involving a former journalist, MIT and Microsoft has given the state its own community radio via mobile phones.

New Telecom Buzz

India’s mobile revolution enters a new phase, with an entrepreneurial rush to market cheap handsets under local brand names.


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