Is the Law Identical for All?

Mehr Tarar

Will the military establishment, said to be in cahoots with the Supreme Court, ever restrain itself from imposing its power in tacit and blatant ways? Will the ruling elites ever be properly checked for wealth beyond apparent means?

Courage Under Fire

The politicisation of the military is not good for either the armed forces or democracy

Anna’s Military Might

India’s favourite agitationist looks for a new source of support

The Case for Strategic Silence

It is a matter of concern that our Defence Minister reacts to most problems saying it’s a “matter of concern”. High time he stopped being just concerned and did something.

Business Briefing 06/03

Makings of an Indian Military Establishment; Who Needs Air India?

Republic of Divides

Rock music, English satire, mansions with private guards and big guns. Meanwhile, students work as shoeshine boys. And death threats are issued on FM radio. A journey into a country of contradictions


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