The Global Cure

Ramesh K Goyal

Partnership with G20 countries is key to world-class facilities and expertise

Natural Solutions

Mainstreaming the potential of AYUSH in health education

Race to the Top

India’s global ambition

Svante Pääbo: DNA Hunter

The palaeogeneticist who won the Nobel overturned ideas about our ancient past

Anti-Covid Pills: Magic Bullet

Will the first oral antivirals change the course of the pandemic?

The Right Thing, as Usual Late

What new guidelines that put a stop to overmedication in Covid say about Government decision-making

Drug of Desperation

As hospitals find their stockpiles depleted, distraught relatives are forced to look for purported Covid medicines

Can This New Aphrodisiac Beat Covid Blues?

A ‘miracle’ oil launched by a Chandigarh-based ayurvedic doctor is all the rage

Doses of Hope

The progress made on Covid vaccines in ten months looks like a mad dash for protection against the virus, but the development of vaccines remains a marathon

Hydroxychloroquine: Collateral Medicine

A supposed wonder drug is now refashioning global politics because of the pandemic


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