Lord Rama

The Age of Manxiety

Dipankar Gupta

The urban shift from patriarchy to masculinity has elevated self-made men but also increased their sense of vulnerability

The Ideal Hero

Ram as the sculptor of the Indian national character

Return to the Sacred City

A portrait of Ayodhya in the time of Ram

Mass of Faith

The significance of Dasharath's capital

Modi’s Temple Tour Evoked Faith and Lord Rama’s Life

The itinerary was replete with stories from Ramayana and spiritual revival

Ayodhya Savours the Moment

The mood is upbeat ahead of the consecration ceremony of the idol of Lord Rama at the Rama Mandir near the Saryu that now dominates the landscape

Ayodhya Beckons

It’s not just Hindus who revere Rama for his virtues

The Gateway to Bharat

Modern India builds a temple to its civilisational identity

When Parashurama Wields the Axe

The winners and losers in a battle like no other

The Stag and the Doe

Why did Parashurama shield the deer from the hunter?


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