Being in Goa

Virendra Kapoor

You come across a lot of people from Delhi who have their second or third home here

Second Coming

From Louis Vuitton bags to auctioned Air Force 1 sneakers, Indians are embracing the market for pre-owned luxury

Power and Meaning

Why politicians live longer and thrive when others don’t

Being at Home In India

Dear West, thanks, but no thanks

Ahlawat Gunjan: Garden Palette

When art bridges the gap between humans and nature

Artificial Intelligence at Your Command

If 2022 gave a hint of its potential, this will be the year when it enters the mainstream

The Royal Thread

The sartorial expressions of the Queen’s soft power

Smartwatch: About Time

The reinvention of the smartwatch as a health and lifestyle product has made India the second-largest market globally

Past Parallels

Ever since Covid-19 forced a rejig of our lives, the past has often seemed another country

The Aesthetics of Indian Politics II

There’s not a dull moment in the spiciest of subcontinents


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