Kargil war

Kargil and Clinton

TP Sreenivasan

The US president did not accept the condition that he should mediate between India and Pakistan

India Sends an Indus Message

New Delhi’s decision to modify the Indus Waters Treaty is a signal to Pakistan and the World Bank that it is time to abandon stale mindsets

Pervez Musharraf: An end with a whimper and not a bang

Author of the failed Kargil adventure, Pervez Musharraf’s death in exile is an unremarkable end for an ambitious general who hoped for glory as a military leader and Pakistan’s president

Seven Minutes That Changed India

Inside the Balakot Operation and how it will further strengthen Prime Minister Modi

A Call for Containment

The next stage in dealing with a belligerent neighbour

Breaking the Habit

By launching an air strike on terrorist camps in Pakistan, India has called a long-standing Pakistani bluff

The Last and Lost War of Pakistan

Pulwama borrows from a history of deception and subversion

Back to the Barracks

The army should return to where it belongs for the sake of Pakistan

Family Trivia

An ordinary life insufficiently remembered


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