25 Wayward Years

Avinash Subramaniam

The net has really grown since its conception, but we still don’t know what it’ll grow to be.

Neither a Jungle nor a Web

The net is a two way street now. Say nice things about others and they’ll reciprocate.

A Web of Apathy

It takes only a little more effort to design websites that the differently abled too can use.

Internet Rehab

Call yourself a Net junkie? Proud of your online network? Be afraid, be very afraid. Web addiction is recognised as a clinical disorder. And you need to detox before you log on to life again.

The Smart Tweeter

To tweet is easy, but to influence opinion on Twitter is not. Here’s how you can avoid getting lost.

Cracking the Maze

Using a web directory or a search engine is less complicated than we make it out to be.

The Searchers

All of us trawl the web for the important and the improbable. Soon, maybe, how you search may become an essential skill.

Deliverance from email

Five things that Gmail and other email providers can do to help those who are too lazy or too busy to manage their inboxes better.

Guess What!

Google’s auto-suggest is not really as stupid as you think. It offers ‘weird’ suggestions because some people across the web found them useful.

Surviving the Web

Just because your kids are on the computer at home, they’re not out of harm. Short of a Facebook ban, this is how you can keep them safe.


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