A Ludicrous Ban

Lawrence Liang

The bizarre ways in which the Internet is regulated in 21st century India

The World Wild Web

And a government that thinks it can discipline it by cracking a whip

‘Unfriending’ Kapil Sibal

This government seems to be working overtime to prove that it does not think its decisions through

Your Computer Is Bugged

Every click of yours is quietly being watched. Worse, you are slowly being pushed into an information ghetto

Needed: Web Surfers, Not Sufferers

Perceptions that the blind don’t use computers keep websites inaccessible to them

Net Censorship

A site hosting the Savita Bhabhi webcomic was one of the first to be blocked

How We are Funny

Two online humorists tell us about what led them there, and where they go next.

Internet Police on Campus

Alleged internet misuse is enough, it would seem, to suspend a student from the university. And this is not the only campus facing a clampdown.

Porn for All Seasons

Once upon a time, men used to outgrow porn. But now, the internet ensures that men of all ages simply cannot renounce such a beautiful thing. Executives, dentists, bureaucrats, surgeons, editors and a host of important men become boys by night.

Addicted to the Net?

If you are wasting time on ‘interesting’ sites, let this browser manage your time.


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