Jonardon Ganeri: Wisdom of the East


Ganeri deserves credit for familiarising the world with various facets of Indian philosophy

Whopping Infosys pay hike

Nearly 300 executives in the $8.2 billion infotech services company are expected to see substantial salary increases

The burden of legacy

Outpaced by competitors and weighed down by its glory, India’s pioneering software services company struggles to find a life beyond the sheltering shadow of its founding father. Can the new CEO, Vishal Sikka, save Infosys?

The recurring top-level resignations at Infosys

It is rumoured that Srinivas was upset over some of his juniors being evaluated for the post of CEO

Business Briefing 5/12

The B-school Exam Bungle; ABCD Lessons for Infosys


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