Indian youth

‘It is important that every youngster get opportunities, not assistance that keeps them dependent but the support that makes them self-reliant to fulfil their aspirations with dignity’

PR Ramesh

In a wide-ranging interview with PR Ramesh the Prime Minister talks about his journey from Gandhinagar to New Delhi, the challenges of governance, his vision for India in the world and much more

Art: The World at Their Feet

Young performing artists are using social media to build their own unique brand and to reach a wider audience

Of Love Jihad and Other Demons

All families upset at their daughter marrying without permission someone from another religion will find a handy tool to file police cases using the new law

A Billion Mutinies Now

Why young Indians may have to radically depart from familial norms their parents took for granted

Twenty In Twenty

They turn 20 in 2020. The ideas and aspirations of a generation

Modi and the Millennials

The Prime Minister serenades India’s most powerful demographic group with 2019 on his mind

Noonday’s Children

Stories of new Indian youth who don't accept that they are born with a handicap of caste, village or class

The President is Gone

In this book, six Indian candidates have a shot at shaking W’s hand. Who will win?


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