Indian literature

Arvind Krishna Mehrotra: Words Of A Vanished World

Arvind Krishna Mehrotra tells Nandini Nair about India’s changing relationship with English and the essays that will last and those that will not

The Scent of India

Smelling my way through a cultural maze

Dalit Life and Thought

Suraj Yengde delivers lessons on caste and race with a rare liveliness

‘It is an Indo-Italian love story’

Lorenzo Angeloni, the ambassador of Italy to India and Maria Elettra Verrone, an Italian diplomat and Indophile

The Books of Civilisation

The Murty Classical Library of India is a love marriage of delicious elegance between new money and old glory

The House of Stories

A literary journey that began from the jasmine-wreathed verandah of ancestry reaches the expansive and exhilarating world of the great Indian sensibility

Insulting Traditions

A history of insults in Indian literature


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