Indian Diaspora

American influencer to play AI character in Malayalam movie

Ullekh NP

Aparna Mulberry, the US-born, Malayalam-speaking vlogger, will play Monica, a human-like robot

Foreign Hand

To secure NRI support in the US Rahul Gandhi aligns with groups and individuals holding questionable views on India

Pride and Pomp

The diaspora experience is not trapped in nostalgia any longer

Cellular Tsunami

Why and at what age should children, not yet fit to get a driving licence, be exposed to the cellphone revolution?

SP Hinduja (1935-2023): Global Magnate

Along with his brothers, he created one of the most storied business empires with Indian roots

The Caste Conundrum

Hammering an institution that outlived its utility

The Passage to Fiji

A beautiful island nation’s Indian connection

An Endearing Enigma

How does one explain India abroad?

Hazrat Inayat Khan: A Sufi maestro in Moscow

Hazrat Inayat Khan moved to Moscow in October 1913 and spent an eventful seven months in the city, attaining celebrity status. He was one of the earliest proponents of Indian culture in Russia

Jhumpa Lahiri: The Author of Anywhere

Jhumpa Lahiri’s new novel, written in Italian and translated into English, refreshes her themes of solitude and belonging with renewed vigour


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