Indian Diaspora

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Lhendup G Bhutia

The Canadian prime minister's remarks on the farmers’ agitation add to his record on gaffes

Priyanca Radhakrishnan First to Speak in Malayalam in New Zealand Parliament

Now minister in the Jacinda Ardern government, Radhakrishnan, 41, became MP in 2017

Modi’s Immunity Booster

India seized upon the pandemic as an opportunity to initiate difficult economic and legal reforms while ensuring delivery of money and essentials to the poor. Is this a new beginning in governance?

Capital Punishment

MG Vassanji’s new novel places an inter-faith love story in the heart of a polarised Delhi. The Toronto-based, Indian-African writer in conversation with Shikha Kumar

A Unique Work Ethic

The Indian American community behind ‘Howdy, Modi!’ showcased what unites America and India is greater than what divides it

The Power of Diaspora Politics

Indian expatriates vie for dual citizenship, voting rights

Kamila Shamsie: The Migrant as a Metaphor

A new novel by Kamila Shamsie explores the process of belonging

Beyond Biographies

Revisualising the idea of the diaspora

The Alt.Left, South Asianism, and the Scaling of Brownness

The Hindus are no longer considered religious minorities in the US, but holders of majoritarian privilege

Dev Patel: ‘An Anthem for Mothers and Sons’

Oscar-nominated Dev Patel talks about what it is like being a child of immigrants in a conversation with Noel de Souza


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