Indian democracy

Rahul Dismisses Indian Democracy

S Prasannarajan

For the Congress today, what matters is not power but complaining about power

Nawabs of Negativity

Look who has lost faith in Indian democracy

Convenient Histories

Pandemic or not, the past is prologue

In Praise of the Indian Voter

The redeeming surprises of a volatile democracy

Was Emergency Inevitable?

Indira Gandhi was planning it from January 1975, long before the Allahabad High Court judgment

In Defence of the Absolute Citizen

In a constitutional democracy, politics cannot be reduced to the advocacy of pre-set interests

Constitution Vs Democracy?

Is India at a moment where its democracy is in battle with its Constitution?

The Revenge of Religion

Constitutionalism and the cult of protest

India’s move on Kashmir undemocratic, provocative: Ayesha Jalal

The scrapping of Article 370 has destabilized the entire region, says historian and a grandniece of Saadat Hasan Manto

Indian Republic: A Matter of Choice

The evergreen legacy of India’s Independence movement is its conferring on the Indian Republic the right to self-determination


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