India-US relations

Endorsing the Internationalist

Harsh V Pant

A survey finds overwhelming support for Modi’s foreign policy among Indian youth

Swaying to Modiplomacy

With this visit Modi and Biden have publicly owned the relationship and marked it as a memo to the world

Modi-Joey Bhai Bhai

The strategic calculation that underlies America’s great enthusiasm for India

The US Has Recognised India As an Equal Partner

Breakthrough deals in defence and tech have transformed the relationship

Modi Adds Authenticity to a Partnership in Democracy

What has made the Indian Prime Minister an event in America?

An Indian Summer in Washington

Modi’s US visit comes at a time when bilateral interests are strongly aligned and will likely lead to a breakthrough in economic relations

Eric Garcetti: Biden’s Man In Delhi

America’s long-delayed envoy to India is a melting-pot archetype with little time on his hands

Congress flip-flop on Chinese anti-US seminar

The curious case of an India-China community event in Bengaluru that listed former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and other Congress leaders as invitees

India’s America Test

How to survive the new US-led unilateralism

The Slavish Attitude

Of our elites to bestow greatness on these nobodies from America


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