India-US relations

Congress flip-flop on Chinese anti-US seminar

V Shoba

The curious case of an India-China community event in Bengaluru that listed former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and other Congress leaders as invitees

India’s America Test

How to survive the new US-led unilateralism

The Slavish Attitude

Of our elites to bestow greatness on these nobodies from America

America’s Choice, India’s Interest

India-America relationship is too solid and rooted in realism to be affected by the outcome of the US presidential election on November 3

Mao Against Nehru

When the CIA came to India’s rescue in 1962

Foreign Policy: Pragmatism, Above All

India is breaking taboos and performing a fine balancing act in an uncertain world

Weight and Watch

Between Trump and Xi

American Hustle

Testing times for the bilateral relationship

Modi at Home and Abroad

What the Prime Minister should do to decouple his own image from that of Donald Trump


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