‘Why I Am Proud to be a Hindu’

MJ Akbar

The liberating impact of Gandhi’s faith

Opponents of Citizenship Act are intellectually dishonest

Contrary to propaganda, Indian Muslims have nothing to be worried about the new law

Kartarpur Corridor: Sacred Geography

Can the Kartarpur Corridor Transcend the Wounds of Partition?

What if there is an India-Pakistan nuclear war?

A new study reveals what could trigger a nuclear war in the subcontinent and the horrors of the day after

Kashmir: The End of Victimhood Politics

Article 370: Chronicle of a death foretold

The X Files

A first-rate thriller from our military history

Kashmir: The Politics of Hailing Martyrs

To show real sensitivity in Kashmir, one must ask certain uncomfortable questions

Standing up to China-Pak Nexus

China’s strategy is to attack India’s weak points and stymie its rise to the extent possible. Beijing views the Indian portion of J&K as India’s Achilles Heel

‘We will see redoubled efforts at infiltration, recruitment and weaponisation of militants’

Former Government interlocutor on J&K Radha Kumar weighs in on the repeal of Article 370

Kashmir: The End of Blackmail

The repeal of Article 370 is not enough


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