Taming the Trolls

Boria Majumdar

Arshdeep Singh’s abusers on social media must be punished

Aanchal Malhotra: The Memory Keeper

Aanchal Malhotra maps the legacy of Partition through oral histories. The author in conversation with Aditya Mani Jha

Mountbatten’s Hidden Agenda

When Kashmir was a pawn in Britain’s quest to join the nuclear club

How Jinnah Divided Muslims

An error and a tragedy

Beware the Kabul Controller

The renewed threat to India is Pakistan which has finally gained strategic depth on its western front

Spy vs Spy

When the RAW put the ISI in a spot after 9/11

India-Pakistan Trade: Border Trauma

The suspension of India-Pakistan trade has taken a toll on businesses and lives in Amritsar and Attari. Deserted check posts and empty warehouses are reminders of the boom that went bust in February last year

Act of Faith

Why the Partition in the east was kept under wraps for seven decades


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