India-Pakistan Trade: Border Trauma

Nikita Doval

The suspension of India-Pakistan trade has taken a toll on businesses and lives in Amritsar and Attari. Deserted check posts and empty warehouses are reminders of the boom that went bust in February last year

Act of Faith

Why the Partition in the east was kept under wraps for seven decades

‘Why I Am Proud to be a Hindu’

The liberating impact of Gandhi’s faith

Opponents of Citizenship Act are intellectually dishonest

Contrary to propaganda, Indian Muslims have nothing to be worried about the new law

Kartarpur Corridor: Sacred Geography

Can the Kartarpur Corridor Transcend the Wounds of Partition?

What if there is an India-Pakistan nuclear war?

A new study reveals what could trigger a nuclear war in the subcontinent and the horrors of the day after

Kashmir: The End of Victimhood Politics

Article 370: Chronicle of a death foretold

The X Files

A first-rate thriller from our military history

Kashmir: The Politics of Hailing Martyrs

To show real sensitivity in Kashmir, one must ask certain uncomfortable questions

Standing up to China-Pak Nexus

China’s strategy is to attack India’s weak points and stymie its rise to the extent possible. Beijing views the Indian portion of J&K as India’s Achilles Heel


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