Critical Success

Bibek Debroy

A sound policy template enabled the Indian economy’s speedy recovery from the pandemic

India can be part of an IMF-led effort to fund Sri Lanka, says Sergi Lanau

Former International Monetary Fund economist Sergi Lanau in conversation with Ullekh NP

On the Right Path

Modi and the marketplace—the story so far

The greek tragedy that’s no Eurocalypse

For all the wails and groans in the air, the EU is a political project as much as an economic one. And anyone who favours ‘unity in diversity’ should be pardoned a soft spot for the euro

Life in the Housing Bubble

Alarm bells should ring when the IMF says that housing prices in India have fallen by 9 per cent

For a Greater Say at the IMF

BRIC countries have agreed to provide the Fund with money to bail out Europe’s crisis-ridden economies. Here is why

Christine Lagarde

Her hobbies are swimming, yoga, making quince jam and tending to her roses

Flex Your Economic Muscle, India!

Where is India’s strategy for the global arena? It may as well have been sleeping through the IMF successor deliberations


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