Out of Fear

Madhavankutty Pillai

The end of the pandemic

Balancing Acts

A dancer’s search for health and happiness

Race to the Top

India’s global ambition

Hair Raising

There is a boom in the transplant industry but it is accompanied by hidden dangers

Smartwatch: About Time

The reinvention of the smartwatch as a health and lifestyle product has made India the second-largest market globally

Taming Tuberculosis

An adoption scheme for patients is speeding up efforts to rid India of the disease by 2025

The Perils of India’s Carb Addiction

Despite numerous studies showing its consequences, our diet is only getting worse

A Toxic Problem

Non-alcoholic liver diseases in teens and hardworking villagers portend a crisis for India

Rewriting the Body Code

A growing number of biohackers are consciously manipulating the mind-body system, from modulating brain waves to using genetic data for customised diets, to lead longer and better lives

The Three-Meal Problem

How to decide what to eat and when to eat


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