Mayhem in the Metropolis

Arshia Sattar

An elegy to a Mumbai destroyed by greed and cynicism

The Grip of Tamas

How we lose the ability to differentiate between what is and is not ours

The Dharmic Economy

The road to sustainable markets

Table No 21

A rare Bollywood movie in which the protagonists are greedy, hedonistic and sadistic

This Rage will Change Our Politics

Hazare and Ramdev are comic sideshows. The real target is the pervasive greed this Congress regime is happy to condone

What I Saw at the Games

For all the administrative bungling, the brazenness of smug officials, the stench of greed that surrounded the Games, it had its moments

The Lost Tribe

This graphic novel is a satire on modern life, and what greed does to human beings and all that comes in their way

In Greed We Trust

A meditation on why we Indians constantly sniff each other for clues of status, much like dogs in a park to figure out who’s on top.


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