Convenient Histories

TCA Raghavan

Pandemic or not, the past is prologue

We Have Done It Ourselves

In praise of cooperative leadership

Terra Infirma

What still mattered most was how the US and China dealt with each other

Banana Republic, Richard II and Tughlaq

Hopefully, the US will redeem itself under Biden

The Liberal Waterloo

By destroying everything between the individual and the state, neo-liberals have signed their own death warrant

Pankaj Mishra’s Protest

The impossibility of creating utopias

Speak, History

Returning to the broken fragments of the 1990s to understand the China-driven churn of the present

Self-Reliance in a Brave New World

China hardly buys anything while it sells everything to India. No prime minister, least al all Narendra Modi, could ignore the consequences of this skewed trade pattern

Riding Out the Storm

How Modi met the Chinese challenge without ceding political and strategic ground

History After Covid-19

The making of a new global order


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