General election 2024

The Unchallenged

PR Ramesh

Armed with nationalism and effective delivery, BJP is forging ahead while opposition unity remains elusive in the run-up to crucial state elections

Modi’s Global Order

A sound and credible analysis of the Modi government’s policies

The Caravan and Barking Dogs

The best way to react to the anti-Modi documentary was to ignore it

A Home Run for 2024

Modi’s attack on freebies and his emphasis on development-cum-welfare will define the BJP campaigns for the upcoming Assembly elections

Where Continuity is Change

In a break with tradition, incumbent BJP is confident of retaining power in Himachal Pradesh

Back to the Gujarat Model

The centrepiece of Modi’s 2014 campaign is in focus again as the state goes to polls and the Prime Minister prepares to bid for a third term in 2024

The Limits of the Anti-Modi Plank

Narendra Modi and BJP are in a much stronger position today than in the run-up to 2019 as they head for state elections that will begin the contest for 2024

The Election Machine

A BJP plan for 2024 election

Amarinder Singh: Captain’s New Innings

Amarinder Singh’s entry brings with it a new sense of hope for BJP in Punjab


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