Freebies Fetish

Siddharth Singh

Every time the Indian economy seems capable of sustaining high growth, welfare populism makes a comeback

A Clever Politician

The same trick of free bijli-paani that saw the Delhiites vote in droves for AAP was refined further in Punjab

EC proposes parties reveal how much freebies will cost

Draft proposal intended to improve accountability in politics and deliver a reality check on poll promises

Revadi Culture

It should serve as a warning against cheap shortcuts to power

No Freebies on Modi’s Watch

Competitive populism has put the finances of several states in peril. Fixing the faultlines starts with making a distinction between unmerited subsidies and targeted benefits for the needy

The Cost of Freebies

States like Punjab and Rajasthan that indulge the most in economic populism are also the most fiscally stressed


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