Hunger Games

Madhavankutty Pillai

Why fasts are a political weapon that becomes less and less effective with repetition

The Power of Hunger

How fasting has evolved into an instrument of politics and health

The Power of Hunger

The weaponisation of fasting

The Spiritual Flaw

No one cares for Anna Hazare’s fast anymore

Fast Forward: Is Fasting Good for Health?

Intermittent fasting finds takers in India as a fitness regimen

Fasting and Feasting

Is it fine to keep the body stressed for so long?

Death of a Child

The Jain community should take responsibility for a 13-year-old’s fatal 68-day fast

The Man Who Could’ve Been

Why Anna Hazare’s decision not to fast in Delhi is an admission of defeat

Our Experiments with Fasting

Satyagraha to knavery and everything in between


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