ethnic violence

Manipur Needs To Worry

Rami Niranjan Desai

Myanmar’s civil war threatens the stability of the Northeast

In It Together

Caught between history, geography and demography, Manipur can achieve peace only by building trust. Peddling false narratives won’t help

The Wages of Hate

Manipur is inching towards tentative normalcy after a bloody spell of ethnic rage. Lhendup G Bhutia travels across a scorched state still scattered with the dying embers of anger. A dispatch

The Fraying of Manipur

Old faultlines have brought the state to the edge of civil war

Diasporic Manipuris float forum to finance relief, promote dialogue

The new organisation, Global Manipur Federation, headquartered in South Korea, has members across US and Europe

Peace By Peace

Manipur has an adequate legal machinery to end the violence and restore order without splintering the state

Contested Homelands

In Manipur, old histories of distrust and apprehensions of losing territory to other ethnic communities have meant that peace remains fragile


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