ethnic minority

The Magic of Mermaids

Tasneem Pocketwala

Sharanya Manivannan uses fantastical elements to talk about Sri Lanka’s trauma

The No-Go Zones of Assam

Behind the narrative of a rightwing government mistreating Muslims lies the reality of both indigenous Hindus and Muslims suffering at the hands of illegal immigrants

Hazaras, the Most Unloved, Marginalised People of Afghanistan

Those who have fled the Taliban regime recall the trauma of exclusion, disclose worst fears for those left behind

The Battle of the Parsis

Will the house that Jamsetji built with a capital of Rs 21,000 in 1868 continue to retain its values?

1984 Sikh Pogrom: The First Day of November

Revisiting old wounds in Kanpur of the 1984 Sikh Pogrom as the UP government constitutes a special team for reinvestigation



With the violence in China earlier this month, the world woke up to a new, disgruntled ethnic minority


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