Other Damages

Madhavankutty Pillai

The world will at some point have to do a cost-benefit analysis of its response to the pandemic

The Digital Doctrine

A strong message for the new economy

The Welfare of Farewells

Companies are helping laid-off employees find new jobs

Rates Are Deceptive

Debunkers of employment growth are focusing on wrong indicators

Grassroots Capitalism

India’s first software product unicorn taps into underprivileged youth

Time to Splurge

In election season, it is usual to see populist spending but this time there’s a twist or two in the story

The Future of Jobs

Like elsewhere, employment in India is set for an overhaul. Jobs will be lost and gained but quick adaptation will minimise pain

Who’s Afraid of Dance Bars?

No matter how often the courts decide in favour of dance bars, the Maharashtra government will not let them operate

Modi As Usual

A bold response to a social reality

The Sharmas of Roopvas

A Brahmin village erupts in joy over the new economic quota


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