Divine Comedy


What happened after a young girl took a drug in Dubai

Patent Horror

A documentary on how a Western medical mafia blocked cheap HIV/AIDS drugs in Africa, leading to over 10 million deaths

Confessions of a Rave-Party-Goer

“Some people were drinking alcohol, others were on chemical drugs. But not everyone was on drugs, as is widely believed of raves”

Confessions of a Drug Peddler

“I was young, eager to make money, and willing to take risks. How else could two unemployed college students make Rs 6,000 a week?”

Rave Parties

It was in 1989 that the acid party was formally re-dubbed the ‘rave’ by English musician Neil Andrew Megson

Whitney Houston’s Drug Addiction

Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Christina, has also developed the same addictions

Confessions of an electronic music DJ

“Jalebee Cartel is monotonous, but they play to a rich, drugged crowd, so they don’t have to try that hard”

Legacy of the King of Coke

Pablo Escobar, the drug lord is dead. But his myth lives on, fanning out from his hometown of Medellin to conversations around the world

Confessions of a Narcotics Control Bureau Team Member

“It is the street peddlers who are the real menace. They start by giving students small measures of drugs to get them addicted.”

Secrets of Starvation

Researchers soon hope to find drugs that mimic the anti-ageing and anti-cancer impacts of low-cal diets.


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