digital age

Artificial Intelligence Is Like Allopathy

Rajeev Srinivasan

Both are statistical in nature and we cannot always predict their results. It is dangerous to treat them as infallible oracles

Race to the Top

India’s global ambition

Karnataka completes one-year of NEP

The education policy is anchor to India’s growth

The Man Machine

What claims of Google’s artificial intelligence system turning sentient say about humans

Constant Innovators

Management education must reflect the rapidly changing ecosystem just as Ericsson made digital readiness its go-to operating model

The Age of Exaggeration

The steep price for living in today’s fast-paced world

Whispers in the Shadow

Is it the end of language as the digital reimagines what it takes to be human?

Screen Test

The pandemic signals a paradigm shift in the way we are informed and entertained

Future Present

Lavanya Lakshminarayan’s debut work of fiction tells of a time when nations have fallen and corporations are running the world

Between Life & Life

As humans know it and as the virus knows it


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