Diary of Kasturba Gandhi to offer new insights about the woman behind the Mahatma

Discovered recently, the diary of Mahatma Gandhi’s wife will be transcribed, translated and published soon as a book by their great grandson Tushar

The Diaries of Eliamma Mathen: Homemaker as Intimate Historian

The diaries of Eliamma Mathen capture with rare sensitivity the political intrigue and skullduggery in the former princely state of Travancore

Open Diary

Jerusalem is the point of convergence of all three Abrahamic religions

Mails to Myself

The diary of an information addict

Diary of a Newly Thin Person

As a pleasantly plump, accommodating teenager lost all her disfiguring weight, this is what she saw in the mirror: a preening, arrogant stranger. Does your body then shape your personality?


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