The Rediscovery of India

PR Ramesh

Modi has shown the country how to dream big and believe in itself and that there is no contradiction between owning an ancient civilisational heritage and becoming a 21st century technological power

Nation (Re)building

As India looks within to see the future

A Solution for No Problem

Population as a reason for India’s backwardness is a perpetual bugbear

The Network Nation

How digitalisation is driving growth in India

A Wave that Endured

Under Modi, India has turned the corner

Pitch Perfect

A unique contest in the social sector shows the potential of good storytelling in philanthropy

Creating a Stakeholder Economy

Development and access to basic amenities are moving voters away from the traditional draw of caste and religion in India’s most politically significant state

An Essay in Defiance

On his first visit to Kashmir since the abrogation of Article 370, Amit Shah focuses on development, employment, grassroots democracy and ending terrorism


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