Rahul Pandita and Lhendup G Bhutia

The new urban epidemic in India

Suicide Country

The number of people killing themselves is increasing in India. Nobody knows why

Dystopia Forever

How Clockwork Orange, the book and the movie, gained cult status 

New Kid on the Block

Inside the mind of the modern child

Depression and Bipolar Disorder

These two psychiatric conditions may not be as distinct as once thought

Blood Test for Depression

A study shows how this ailment can finally be diagnosed in an objective way

The Genetic Origins of a Midlife Crisis

A new study finds that apes too suffer from the condition

Depression May Have Evolved to Combat Infection

The depressed tend to have higher levels of inflammation, even if they’re not fighting an infection

When to Visit the Shrink

Seeking therapy can work. Sadly, however, too many of us are completely unsure of whether it’s time yet, or not.


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