crime thriller

The Art of Suspense

Shylashri Shankar

The Alfred Hitchcock toolkit to make thrillers

Magic and Murders

A fantasy mystery with a classic detective duo and a thriller set in Nazi Germany

Tricks of the Thrillers

Masters strike the right balance between action and emotion

An American Spy in Iran

The return of a master and the moral content of thrillers

Of Crimes and Conceits

Masters heighten the suspense by playing with the genre

The Return of the Spy

Of ominous countryside and Machiavellian mandarins

Paths of the Psychopath

Three thrillers reveal the emotional cost of coping with killers

Remade in Urdu

When thrillers are adapted with local flavour

The Pleasure Principle

Dismantling the artificial boundaries between high and low fiction

Agatha Christie: Murder She Wrote

Women writers reign over the golden age of crime fiction


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