climate change

Colonialism 3.0

Minhaz Merchant

The West’s new weapons to keep the world in line

Weathering the Storm

Understanding climate change through humour

Fixing Climate Justice

The European Union’s new carbon levy violates every tenet of fair trade

‘India needs to look at water, climate problems closely,’ says Joyeeta Gupta

Spinoza Prize winner Joyeeta Gupta, the first India-born scientist to secure the award that is also called the ‘Dutch Nobel Prize’, speaks about climate change and smart policies

Modi at G20

India’s concerns about abjuring war for diplomatic solutions to conflict and its growing unease at Russia have been reflected in the group’s summit declaration in Bali

Look Up. Look Away. Look Within.

Why are we so worked up about a climate change film?

‘We will ensure climate mitigation funds on our terms,‘ says Bhupender Yadav

Bhupender Yadav, Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, in conversation with Amita Shah

The Glasgow Momentum

India’s redrawing of its climate change strategy marks a radical shift in the way it plays on the global stage

A Climate of Faith

If India is to attain carbon neutrality by 2070, the very nature of its economy will have to change in the next 50-odd years

Climate Change: A Big Business

The locals reap the rewards of the abundance of money floating around


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