Bollywood’s Banker Bashing Blockbuster

Aresh Shirali

So, does the success of Dhoom 3 seal Aamir Khan’s reputation as a market whiz?

Which Was the Year’s Biggest Hit? Nobody Knows

Making sense of the arithmetic behind blockbuster movies after the mid-2000s

Of Love and Law in La-la-land

With Indian cinema going digital, fair competition is under a threat not so easily dismissed

Hollywood’s Top Five

The Avengers picked up $200.3 million at theatres in the US and Canada, according to an estimate by Disney

Scheduled Cast

Almost every big-budget movie is losing money in Bollywood. And yet, even if a small-budget movie makes thrice its cost, the industry does not count it as a blockbuster. Welcome to the warped economics of la-la-land


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