The Gateway to Bharat

Rahul Shivshankar

Modern India builds a temple to its civilisational identity

The Second Republic

Can a Hindu Rashtra be a pluralistic nation?

The Globalisation of Bharat

Resolute political leadership and a careful adherence to India’s goals have made all the difference to the country’s standing in the world with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the heart of this transformation as spelt out by External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar in his new book

The Lighter Side of Legislators

When lawmakers engage in a frank discussion on the pitfalls of politics

Rediscovery of India

Fighting for the country’s dharmic heritage

Redefining India

An open civilisation rejecting old monolithic constructs

Who Are We?

J Sai Deepak’s book heralds the ripening of the Indic civilisational discourse

The Rise of Bharat

Redefining nationalism, liberalism and secularism

The Open Veins of Bharat

The time is ripe to revise wrong narratives of history and rediscover our true identity


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