A “Tapasvi” PM Leads Prayers at Ram Mandir

Rajeev Deshpande

In less than an hour, religious ceremonies complete the consecration of the new idol of Lord Ram ending a wait that has spanned centuries and decades of legal battles

Modi’s Temple Tour Evoked Faith and Lord Rama’s Life

The itinerary was replete with stories from Ramayana and spiritual revival

Joy on Ayodhya’s Streets Before Ram Mandir Ceremonies

Crowds surging around the temple precincts signal a spiritual awakening

Ayodhya Savours the Moment

The mood is upbeat ahead of the consecration ceremony of the idol of Lord Rama at the Rama Mandir near the Saryu that now dominates the landscape

Ayodhya Beckons

It’s not just Hindus who revere Rama for his virtues

The Gateway to Bharat

Modern India builds a temple to its civilisational identity

Modi address from Ram Mandir will be a defining speech

Prime Minister expected to outline a vision of cultural rejuvenation, national identity

Restoring Civilisation

The Ram temple is a prelude to peace and reconciliation

Ram’s Homecoming

As the long-awaited temple rises in Ayodhya, Open gets exclusive access to the site where an ancient city is being rebuilt

BB Lal (1921-2022): The Man Who Turned the Past

He provided the archaeological legitimacy for a Ram temple in Ayodhya


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