artificial intelligence

American influencer to play AI character in Malayalam movie

Ullekh NP

Aparna Mulberry, the US-born, Malayalam-speaking vlogger, will play Monica, a human-like robot

AI and the Death of Liberal Arts

The cognitive gap caused by machines is set to widen

Alien Intelligence

AI poses an exceptional threat to human identity

The New Knowledge War

India needs to encourage and regulate AI innovation to preserve its intellectual heritage

Surfing the Frontier Tech Wave with Policy Life Vest

This revolution should be harnessed by India and the world for the prosperity

The Demon in the Machine

The possibilities and limits of AI-authored thrillers

How to Preempt Responsibility

The curious desire to regulate artificial intelligence by companies pioneering it

Artificial Intelligence Is Like Allopathy

Both are statistical in nature and we cannot always predict their results. It is dangerous to treat them as infallible oracles

Hard Times for Software

Indian-origin contractual employees bear the brunt of IT job cuts and startup meltdown in Silicon Valley

Artificial Morality

AI’s need to be politically correct can have a curious impact on its humour


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