artificial intelligence

The Man Machine

Madhavankutty Pillai

What claims of Google’s artificial intelligence system turning sentient say about humans

The Maximalist

SB Divya’s science-fiction novel, set in 2095, pits humans against Artificial Intelligence. The author in conversation with Aditya Mani Jha

A Brush with AI

Artists are using algorithms, sensors and augmented reality to speak of fragility and permanence

The Shape of Covid

What Artificial Intelligence may reveal about the coronavirus and a possible cure

Mind and Machine

Novels that intertwine artificial intelligence with ethics

The New Codes of Conduct

Living with the virus requires a complete overhaul of our individual and social habits

The Future of Jobs

Like elsewhere, employment in India is set for an overhaul. Jobs will be lost and gained but quick adaptation will minimise pain

For Dharmic Robots

And they should have a code of conduct

Beware the Robotic Empire

China takes a great leap in Artificial Intelligence

The Future of Jobs

Opportunities in disruption


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