artificial intelligence

Size Doesn’t Matter

Madhavankutty Pillai

Apple gets on the AI train but riding piggyback

A Manifesto for AI Users

Is Artificial Intelligence changing what it means to be human?

Artificial Intelligence with High EQ?

Emotional intelligence just got a new meaning

The Unexpected Perils of Wokeness

Google’s AI Gemini realises the price of political over-correctness

The AI Videographer

The wonders and dangers of artificial intelligence-generated videos

Who’s Afraid of AI?

Regulators may not be able to catch up with the leap of technology

Why Modi Wins Elections

Women are the nodal caste in his radical recharacterisation of varna

AI and Democracy

Will humans become dispensable in the future of politics?

The Genie that Doesn’t Get Rebottled

A first step to address the risk from Artificial Intelligence has been taken but it might be already too late


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