Amit Shah

Jyotiraditya Scindia’s Direct Link

Jayanta Ghosal

The man behind this entire plan is reportedly Home Minister Amit Shah

Who Will Reap the Capital Storm?

The verdict on Delhi hinges on changing voter demographics and anti-CAA protests

Last Leg

Home Minister Amit Shah’s new strategy for Delhi elections

The ‘Shah’ of Big Things

It is being said that there could be a Cabinet reshuffle after the Budget Session

Being Amit Shah

Is he the inheritor of the Patel legacy?

How Democratic Processes Damage Citizenship Rights

It is true that India’s Constitution framers did not expect the articles dealing with citizenship to be set in stone

Who is an Indian?

The amended citizenship law clears the path to the naturalisation of persecuted minorities in India’s neighbourhood even as misplaced alarmism portrays it as anti-Muslim

Lunch And Crunch

Amarinder Singh's lunch diplomacy

Press Relations

A media-friendly Amit Shah

The Language of a Simulated Storm

The national language deserves better instead of the periodic barbs of its alleged imposition


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