Covidians and Covidiots

Kaveree Bamzai

Prince Charles is not the only famous person who has tested positive for the virus

Fidel Castro: My Hero in Havana

For the world of communism, he was the last icon

Haley’s Comet

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is set to be the first Indian American with cabinet rank in America

Paranormal Activists

As a death in Delhi acquires a ghostly twist, Open finds out that being haunted is very normal for some

Shayara Bano: The Lady Who Dared

Muslim countries don’t support it, neither should India, says the petitioner fighting to put an end to triple talaq. Could Shayara Bano be the woman who challenged the misogyny after Shah Bano?

BR Ambedkar: Slayer of All Gods

He challenges the illusions about power and democracy, wealth and violence, Hinduism and tradition, nationalism and justice, and about all that metaphysical cant. He is the mirror in which we dare not look at ourselves. His presence is a constant reminder of our bad conscience and bad faith

What Keeps Anupam Kher Provoked?

A portrait of India’s most voluble actor

Shambhu Baba: A Saint Is Sighted

The meteoric rise of Shambhu Baba, the latest addition to the list of godmen from Mithilanchal in Bihar. And he is too sacred to be photographed

The Latest Ghost Story

In which you swipe left to erase a relationship


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