Found Intimacies

Rimli Sengupta

Microfiction by Rimli Sengupta

Murder He Wrote

Where there is Aniruddha Bahal, there is intrigue. An extract from his novel on treachery and deceit in Alexander’s Greece

Come One, Come All

Indian publishers are in overdrive, churning out books that offer marginal profits. But in the process, have they become glorified printers?

Blood Red

The country may be rife with strife, but insurgency cannot be used as an excuse for misgovernance.

White Gold

The first female war photographer shot some famous pictures. This book features a few that are not so well known.

Chasing a Dream

Based on the shaky premise that India is capable of catching up with China, this book will appeal to Indians if not the Chinese.

Mughal Enchantment

With this novel, Sudhir Kakar’s transition from psychoanalyst to fiction writer has finally been successful.

Empire’s Legacy

Why hosting the Commonwealth Games does not imply disrespect for Indians who fought British imperialism. An extract

Half Right

Granted, it was inequality that set the world economy up for a crash. But how exactly? This is still open to debate

Red Alert

The fate of West Bengal is linked in many ways to how the CPM deals with the confusion that has gripped it over the years.


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