When the Dragon Is Hurt

Iqbal Chand Malhotra

Has the formalisation of the Quad impelled Xi to save face?

Ancient Wisdom on Sexuality

Neo-Victorians as exemplars of tradition are misfits in society

The Heroine’s Straitjacket

The rise of the woman writer and director

Pull Up a Chair

Where we sit and how we sit reveal who we are

Todo Paintal: Shadow Play

Septuagenarian Todo Paintal’s debut solo tells of a life richly lived

The Anatomy of Outrage

Short stories etched in blood and honesty

Capital Cabal

A portrait of class dynamics and social change in Delhi

A Reluctance to Forget

Tishani Doshi’s poems slice through recent political and social events

Seeing Saffron

Christophe Jaffrelot’s argument that India has moved towards an ethnic democracy does not stand scrutiny

Saif Ali Khan: A Star is Reborn

Choosing acting over celebrity is a tough call but it is one that Saif Ali Khan has taken successfully, immersing himself in a world where he can go from playing a wild-eyed ghostbuster in a comic caper to Indian mythology’s greatest villain in a retelling of the Ramayana


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