Freedom Issue 2017

A Movement Revisited

Ram Madhav

The independence struggle as a narrative of the highs and lows of our national will

Gandhi on My Canvas

An artist of non-violence

Freedom Issue 2017: Editor’s Note

India at 70 is feeling what it means to be free

Dispatches from History

The lesser known sites of pivotal relevance to our national experience

The Other Mutiny: 1946 Naval Rebellion

Spare a thought for the heroes of the 1946 naval rebellion

The Past is a Divided Country

Is it possible for the Mohenjodaro necklace and girdle to be reunited?

Partition: Lives Apart

Three contrarian Partition stories: a Punjabi Muslim, a Frontier Pathan, and a sensationalist

Was Partition Inevitable?

It was about human frailty: stubbornness, inexperience and ambition

Punjab: Seeds of Secession

Punjab highlights the disasters that can arise when political unscrupulousness is mixed with religious fervour

Who Killed Swaraj?

The fallacy of the development doctrine


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