The Debt to Narasimha Rao

TP Sreenivasan

Whether he is honoured with the title or not, he is a Bharat Ratna

In the Names of the Father and the Son

The deaths of a mobile shopowner and his son from alleged custodial torture have put Tamil Nadu on the boil over police brutality

Lonelier in the End

A Covid-19 victim’s rites of passage at a Delhi crematorium

The New Working Class

With physical distancing and hyper hygiene, offices reopen to wary workers

Unfair and Less Lovely

The association of fair skin with beauty is ingrained in Indian society for thousands of years. People want what they want

Novak Djokovic: Playing Havoc

The World’s No 1 male tennis player wantonly got himself and others infected

Indian heart patients die 10 years earlier than those in the West, says study

A pioneering study of heart patients funded by ICMR envisages reducing the country’s disease burden

Stars of the Pharma Sea

India is home to two of the four species of horseshoe crabs, which are now in the spotlight for their role in discovering a possible vaccine for Covid-19

Shah Steps In

As Delhi loses control of the crisis, its Chief Minister sees sense in joining hands with the Centre


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