Resilient Republic

Siddharth Singh

India as an enduring story of democracy

The Archipelago of Nationalism: What’s in a Name?

A lot. Naming twenty-one Andaman islands after fallen war heroes is part of the Prime Minister’s project to bind the remote archipelago to a nationalist narrative

The Middle-Class Path

Why the country’s most dependable taxpayers deserve more from Budgets

BV Doshi (1927-2023): Master of the Space

The architect was able to reflect, renew and reorient himself over time

Clean and Lean

Carmakers unveil cool EVs

The Green Hydrogen Moment

India seeks to cut its dependence on fossil fuel imports

Restoring the Balance

The case for parliamentary sovereignty and judicial boundaries

Thala Vs Thalapathy

Fan hysteria fuels Tamil star wars

The Case for a Good Death

India never goes far enough with euthanasia


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