Lives and Deaths in Tihar

Madhavankutty Pillai

It’s India’s most fabled jail that housed the notorious and the respectable, and where some prisoners were more equal than others and some executions were stranger than what was reported. Startling revelations of a man who witnessed their lives and last moments

India’s Trade Tangle

It was probably not a bad idea for India not to join the RCEP

The Pegasus Files

The Israeli company NSO’s spyware is in the news in India for all the wrong reasons

Colonial Power

There is a political consensus on the proposed regularisation of Delhi’s unauthorised colonies. Amita Shah visits some to find out why

The Cult of Kalki Bhagavan

He claims to be an incarnation of Vishnu—and even his own family as minor gods in his pantheon

Ride to Nowhere

Why free bus tickets for women won’t translate into decisive votes for Arvind Kejriwal

Judiciary: A Fine Balance

India’s higher judiciary is on a course correction

The Jat Pivot

Haryana’s most politically organised community has shown that it remains central to any electoral mandate in the state

The American Interest

He brought Washington to South Asia

A New Nepal Terracotta Tablet Predates Mahabharata to Harappa Culture

The terracotta plaque represents Krishna and Arjuna in the epic battle


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