The Parable of a Mughal Prince

Supriya Gandhi

What the story of Dara Shukoh says about our desire for kingship

The Election from Hell

A choice between Labour complications and Tory illusions

On Gandhi and Gandhism

By his actions, Gandhi demonstrated the power of the powerless catapulting him as an icon of thought leadership for all times to come

Gandhi Against the Human Race

Why he focused on the darker aspects of universal ideals

The Kartarpur Model

A corridor for Sikh pilgrims and an opportunity for South Asia

Kartarpur Corridor: Sacred Geography

Can the Kartarpur Corridor Transcend the Wounds of Partition?

The Rot in JNU

A nation united and a university divided

In defence of baseball: It’s not puerile in comparison with cricket

A remarkable baseball series clinched by the Washington Nationals points to an enduring sporting tradition and the transformation of America’s capital

Attention, Engagement and Monetisation

Digitalisation is the ultimate democratisation

Asian Lessons

The changing relationship between the state and the marketplace


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