Sonali Acharjee

Has Urban India Stopped Walking?
Has Urban India Stopped Walking?

Out of step

04 October 2017
Dr Shabina Qayoom at Renal Vet India, the country’s first and only nephrological hospital, performs haemodialysis on Noddy, an 8-year-old pug
Pet Project

Animal owners and veterinarians cheer as private hospitals bring the latest in science and skill to India

07 June 2017
The Economics of Romance
The Economics of Romance

Being priced out of the dating market

01 February 2017
New Kid on the Block
New Kid on the Block

Inside the mind of the modern child

24 January 2017
Ankit Agarwal, 26 Co-Founder, Help Us Green
Wealth Issue 2016: The Originals
Flower Recycling: Ankit Agarwal, 26 Co-Founder, Help Us Green

“People thought we were crazy—who spends time working with rotting flowers from the river?”

27 October 2016
Kunal Gandhi (left) with Gunjan Aggarwal, co-founders of Logic Roots, at their office in Mumbai (Photos: Ritesh Uttamchandani)
Wealth Issue 2016: The Originals
Education: Kunal Gandhi, 35, Co-Founder and CEO, Logic Roots

“We used mice, frogs and monsters to turn math into something fun that families could practice together”

26 October 2016
Gluten Free? Think Again
Gluten Free? Think Again

The ultra-healthy way to become unhealthy

19 October 2016
Wear and Steer
Wear and Steer

From Bluetooth pacifiers to bras that only open for the right man, wearables are no longer just a fitness tracking trend

21 September 2016
Smriti Irani (Centre) with designers (L-R) Rahul Mishra, Rajesh Pratap Singh, Sunita Shankar and Anju Modi at the Weavers Service Centre, Delhi
Cover Stories
Smriti Irani Weaves a New Legacy

It’s a different kind of culture war for Smriti Irani in her latest role as textile minister and she is all set to weave a new legacy for herself

08 September 2016
Nitin Chordia (right) presents Indian-origin chocolates at Chocoa,the world’s largest fine chocolate fair in Amsterdam, 2016
Bean There, Done That

India is catching up with the single-origin movement

17 August 2016


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