Akshay Sawai

Hardly Diwali

While we bring out the sweets and the crackers, these champion athletes are sweating it out at training and passing up the goodies with steely resolve

09 October 2009
Between the Bat and the Balls

Upton’s dossier to the Indian cricket team is not going to make them promiscuous—they always were. It will only lend itself to some cheap double entendres.

30 September 2009
‘He Enjoyed Embarrassing Me in Billiards’

Robin Uthappa gets personal about the new billiards champion who was also his fellow student in college

10 September 2009
Triumph of the Lowly Yam

The fastest man, Usain Bolt, has unexpectedly liberated a vegetable from the humility it has been forced into

02 September 2009
A Match in Switzerland

The conditions were not ideal for cricket. The field was filled with snow. The pitch was rigged. But former cricketing greats played a memorable match among themselves. The best part, though, was how they behaved off the field

01 September 2009
Butter Chicken as Pension

Racing jockeys have to be small light men so that their horses can run faster. As a result they follow terrifying diet regimens. Guess what they do once they retire

13 August 2009
What Is BCCI’s Problem?

The BCCI’s rejection of the doping clause has set up yet another cricket-administration battle. But is it really about invasion of cricketers’ privacy as the BCCI pleads? And does the Indian cricket body really have the option to not toe the line?

06 August 2009
An Imitation Gem

Why is it that Ashok Kumar is the eternal favourite of mimicry artistes?

29 July 2009
The Brief History of a Friendship

Even before the overrated controversy around a reality show, Vinod Kambli and Sachin Tendulkar were drifting apart. Here is a moving story of what was once a pure and improbable friendship between a boy from the shanties and a professor’s son

29 July 2009
Kaps and I Wish Each Other

The legend whose name is mispronounced in his own country (it’s Gaa-vas-kar, not Ga-vaas-kar), just turned 60

16 July 2009


Pratap Bhanu Mehta

Pratap Bhanu Mehta is one of India’s most influential columnists and public intellectuals

Brahma Chellaney

Brahma Chellaney is a geostrategist and the author of two award-winning books on water: Water, Peace, and War and Water: Asia’s New Battleground

MJ Akbar

MJ Akbar is an MP and the author of, most recently, Gandhi’s Hinduism: The Struggle Against Jinnah’s Islam

Ram Madhav

Ram Madhav is a member of the National Executive of RSS and Member, Board of Governors, India Foundation

Makarand R Paranjape

Makarand R Paranjape is professor of English at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Views are personal.


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