Xi Jinping

The Day of the Wolf Warrior

Sudeep Paul

With all eyes on the new US administration, China looks set to consolidate its gains while India may find itself lonely

Banking on Biden

The new president’s China policy will shape India’s cooperation and Beijing’s behaviour in Asia

The Inevitability of Conflict

India and China today are mirroring the events that unfolded before the 1962 war

Xi Jinping should not ape Milosevic, says expert

Noted China critic and historian Olsi Jazexhi says he is also worried about anti-Muslim campaigns in India

Dream and Dictatorship

When Xi's China Dream becomes extraterritorial terrorism

Will Xi Go to War?

Why China's president cannot afford to fail in his attempt to corner the waters of the Indus

The Heat in Beijing

At the National People's Congress meet today, the Chinese leadership may further stoke nationalist sentiments

Cultural Evolution

As Xi Jinping comes calling, a close examination of China’s effort to educate its students and lead well-funded research platforms—from a state that sent poets to jail for subjectivism to Jack Ma’s Alibaba

Out of the Chinese Dream

Ma Jian’s resistance fiction


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