Xi Jinping

The Globalisation of the Pan-American Smile

Carlo Pizzati

And the crisis of Westernisation that hides behind it

The Road to India 2047

It began with the Tatas and now the country must capitalise on the new technology revolution

How a zero sum game stung Xi & Co’s pride

Surging Covid cases, economic woes raise questions over communist party’s judgment calls

The End of Putin’s Dream?

Why Russia is not a 21st century Sparta

What Sets Modi Apart

Darers, dreamers, redeemers and the damned in global leadership

Payback Time for Xi

Hubris meets reality at China’s weakest moment

Revenge of the Metaphor

The counter-dreams of a generation have shattered the lies of Xi's state

The Age of Hypercontrol

Guns, gas and gossip

Going Back to the Roots

India must reclaim its universal and ancient narrative

Dealing with Xi

The third-term dictator will be weaker than he imagines


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