Xi Jinping

The Age of Hypercontrol

MJ Akbar

Guns, gas and gossip

Going Back to the Roots

India must reclaim its universal and ancient narrative

Dealing with Xi

The third-term dictator will be weaker than he imagines

Between London and Beijing

World is better off with vulnerable leaders

The Red Emperor

Is Xi Jinping seeking to build fascism with Chinese characteristics?

China’s New Pantheon Is Cast in Xi Jinping’s Image

The ‘Chairman of Everything’ has demolished all factions, ruthlessly sidelined senior leaders, and placed loyalists in key posts

Absolute Xi

Having dismantled the system of collective leadership, the Chinese president will now need more than loudspeaker nationalism

The Originals Beat the Odds

The best wealth stories are not of overcoming but of creating in a forbidding atmosphere, of imagination outpacing ideologies

China’s withdrawal from patrol point 15 will mark return to April, 2020 status quo

Disengagement at last friction point after prolonged stale mate comes ahead of communist party congress that will give Xi Jinping third term as general secretary


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