Xi Jinping

Bharat Mandapam

The entire ITPO complex has been transformed into a large and well-equipped conference centre and several halls to provide space for displays and exhibitions

At Home In the World

India makes a statement of power from the global forum of G20 by offering its human-centric and pragmatic approach as the best hope for solving problems from debt burdens to climate change

Modi’s Moment

India should use Xi Jinping’s absence from the G20 summit to promote its unifying vision for the new world order

A Note on the G20 Absentees

Why G20-minus-two works better for the world

China expert says Xi skipping G-20 makes ‘perfect geopolitical sense’

Richard McGregor, author of the bestsellers The Party and Xi Jinping: The Backlash, is a senior fellow at the Lowy Institute

The Global Dividend

A survey shows wide youth support for the Modi government’s foreign policy

The War for Asia

China studies its old map of expansion as the Ukraine war weakens Russia

French Leave

Macron may not speak for Europe but he made his case in China

The Normalisation of Evil

No dictator today is denied the freedom of playing out his paranoia on a global stage


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