Spirit of the Times

Bhaichand Patel

You have to be n it for the long run. It takes years for fine wines to improve in quality and price. Whisky too can be an investment possibility but for that you will have to look abroad for advice

South Tyrol: Grapes of Glory

In South Tyrol wines are about taste, smell, community and the evocation of memories

Indian Winemakers: Grape Expectations

Indian winemakers are getting smarter and stricter about quality

The Trouble with Indian Wine

In Vino Veritas: in wine, they say, lies truth. And the truth is that most Indian wineries need to get their act together

French Cuisine

A full French meal has seven courses. Each course is complemented by a wine.

The Season of Pink

It used to be white, then it was red wine for health. Now India’s wine drinkers wake up to the pink scent and bouquet of rosés.


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